Improve your search rank

Why is my entry not listed on the first result page? What can I do to shuffle it upwards?

Wait an hourOur random generator rolls the dice every hour spreading up to 50 bonus or malus points. Just to bring life into the order.-
Update your entry from time to time.Older entries get one point penalty per
Wait 24 hoursIf you make changes, most of them will take effect with a 1 day delay-
Provide as much information as possibleDepending on the importance of a field we give bonus points, e.g. 8 points for telling us whether pets are welcome or not; 5000 points for an objectname containing at least three
Enter your geographic data, e.g. send us your Google-Placemark500 points for looking up two numbers (latitude and longitude). The bonus will only be given if you enter your own coordinates. If you wait until one of our team has geocoded your house, you will get no bonus
Check your data for correctnessIf our system detects wrong entries, it gives you lots of malus points, e.g. 1600 for bad email
Make your homepage available all the time.Our watchdog punishes URLs that cannot be accessed.maybe you have some costs when changing to a better provider
Check your homepage for meeting basic HTML standardswe reward pages that use good HTML. At least we want to see a <title>-Tag.maybe small costs for your page designer or programmer
Supply an additional line of descriptionThis being one of our major sources of income, we reward it generously.0.15$ per day
Supply a special offer for a limited timeBig awards for this, too.0.35$ per day (till end of special offer)
Hotels have further possibilities:
Supply socalled hotel texts. These are further data that make sense only for hotels. Here you can also enter an URL of an image for the contact form.This is necessary for announcing free
Announce your free rooms within our database.This leads to 1000 bonus points and additional 100 points per room, as long as the room is announced to be free.up to 3 rooms: free
Become a registered user for the free-room-announcing.This makes 250 further bonus points and gives you the chance to provide up to 500 rooms (meaning up to 50000 points).on request