How to enter a bunch of hotels/events/services/restaurants/reports

If there are more than 10 entries to add, the procedure with the HTML-Form might be too boring for some of you. So we provide alternate ways. Though it may look somewhat difficult it may return out to be quite simple after you have had a look at the example below.

1. Create a simple text file (e.g. with the notepad editor) containing all necessary data in the following format. Everything after the # is only comment and need not be typed. If you want to use comments in your own files, make sure that there is a white space before it. If you have your date in a kind of database program and have your data available in XML or if you have difficulties to produce a text file like below, please send me an Email. We'll find a way.

ID=all                                #Start the general section
Section=H                             #all following entries are hotels
Country=us                            #all following entries are in the U.S.A.

                                      #The data of the first hotel follow
ID=1                                  #your running number
Objectname=Miami Beach Hotel          #syntax is: Fieldname=Value
State=FL                              #you should use abbreviations if possible
URL=        #Please don't forget the http://      #Email contact for guests
Category=4                            #see below for list of Categories
RoomsSeats=50                         #see below for list of fields
Features=PO,SA                        #see below for list of Features

ID=2                                  #The data of the second hotel follow
Objectname=Illibilly Bed & Breakfast

ID=all                                #Return to the general section
Section=R                             #all following entries are restaurants

ID=3                                  #The data of the first restaurant follows
Objectname=The Happy Burger Inn
SmokeFreeType=R                       #separate room for nonsmokers (see below)
Style=Fast Food

2. Send the text file with your data to me by using this form. You will then get a report of the submitting process.

Possible Fields:

Section, Country, Objectname and RegistrantEmail are required. All other fields are optional.
ObjectnrIf you enter your codenumber here, the corresponding record will be updated rather than inserted.
Sectionsee below
CountryThe country code. If you do not know, please have a look at this page.
ObjectnameThe name of your enterprise
URLThe complete URL of your enterprises homepage
URLReviewAn URL of a review about your enterprise
ContactEmailThe Email that your customers should use
RegistrantYour name (will not be published, just for our correspondence)
RegistrEmailYour name (will not be published, for sending you the confirmation)
TelCountryCodePhone code prefix of your country (e.g. 1 for USA, 49 for Germany)
TelAreaCodearea code of your enterprises phone
TelLocalnumrest of the phone number
FaxCountryCodecounty prefix of your enterprises fax number
FaxAreaCodearea code of your enterprises fax
FaxLocalnumrest of the faxnumber
StateThe name of the federal state (or more general: the name of the part of your country, in an administrative sense)
Regionthe name of the part of your state, like a tourist would call it, e.g. Grand Canyon
ZIPCodeup to 12 characters long. (german: Postleitzahl)
Townmax. 25 characters
Townparte.g. Manhatten, Schwabing
StreetNoe.g. "110 Upper Blvd.", "Hauptstr. 25"
AdressSupplemany part of the address not yet mentioned
SmokeFreeTypesee below
RoomsSeatsNumber of persons that can be served by your enterprise at one time
Stylee.g. vegetarian,mexican,old fashioned,gay
Categorysee below
Housetypee.g. Youth Hostel, Kurhaus
PriceLowwhat a customer has to pay at least
PriceMidwhat an average customers pays for one visit at your site
PriceHighwhat a customer pays if he prefers exquisite things
PriceCurrencythree letter abreviation of the currency for the prices in this record.
StartDatethe first day of the event or the day your enterprise started
EndDatethe last day of the event or the day your enterprise will finally close
ClosedPeriod50 characters do describe periods of closing, e.g. "closed on mondays"
PetsWelcomesee below
KidsWelcomesee below
Handicappedsee below
Featuressee below for list of Features
PointLatgeographic coordinates: latitude as decimal degrees
PointLongeographic coordinates: longitude as decimal degrees
PointAltgeographic coordinates: altitude above sea level in meters
Comment50 characters room for anything we might have forgotten, not visible for guests
Kommentar250 characters room for anything we might have forgotten, visible for guests
createddate (YYYY-MM-DD) of the creation of this record
updateddate of the last update of this record
FieldExplanationPrice per day
The following fields are not free. If you use them, the billing data are required, because you will be charged yearly.
XDescription80 characters of extra description, e.g. A brand new house with Sauna, Whirlpool and Dance Floor0.15$
XSpecialOfferSomething you offer for a limited time, e.g. Halloween Party0.35$
XSO_StartDate when your special offer startsincluded
XSO_EndDate when your special offer endsincluded
XSO_PriceA typical price a customer has to pay for your special offerincluded
BillingPersonThe name of the person we can send our invoice torequired
BillingFaxThe faxnumber where we can send our invoice torequired for Europe
BillingEmailThe Email where we can send our invoice torequired
BillingCCNumYour credit card numberrequired for outside Europe
BillingCCHoldThe name of the credit card holderrequired for outside Europe
BillingCCExpcredit card expiry daterequired for outside Europe
The following fields are only applicable for restaurants
FieldExplanationmax. length
Foto1URLThe complete URL of a photo of your restaurant100
kuecheThe nationality of the food90
seatsinsidenumber of seats inside for regular guests5
seatsoutsidenumber of seats outside5
seatsextranumber of seats for events, parties etc.5
zeitoffenopened, e.g.: 12-15 and 18-23 except holidays200
zeitwarmtime when warm meals are served200
reservationone of: 'unnoetig', 'moeglich', 'empfohlen', 'erforderlich' 
Haustypa set of: 'Restaurant', 'Landgasthaus', 'Pizzeria', 'Bar', 'Bistro', 'Cafe', 'Kneipe', 'Musikkneipe', 'Nachtclub', 'Internetcafe', 'Imbiss', 'Konditorei', 'imHotel' 
The following fields are only needed if you want to provide a list of free rooms for your hotel
FieldExplanationmax. length
URLxxThe complete URL of your homepage in another language100
LanguagexxThe language in which URLxx is written2
text1enenglish text that will appear above the photo255
text1xxtext in the other language that will appear above the photo255
FotoURLThe complete URL of an already scanned picture of the contact person for the guests.100
Fototextencaption of the photo in english255
Fototextxxcaption of the photo in the other language255
text2xxtext in the other language that will appear below the photo255
text2enenglish text that will appear below the foto255
rememberthe amount of days when you want to be remebered by email to send your new list of free rooms5

Field values:

SectionsCategoriesSmokeFreeTypePets ...
Kids ...
Hanicapped ...
HHotel5De LuxeHwhole house smokefreeY... are welcome
EEvent4First ClassRseparate room for nonsmokersN... are not welcome
RRestaurant3BusinessPxxxx seats/rooms are reserved for nonsmokersUdon't know
SService/Activity2TouristLexcellent air condition  
BTravel report2Low Budget-mixed  

Abbreviations for Features:

GAGarage optional
GIGarage included
GPenough parking
IAInternet: modem-plug
IIInternet: ISDN-plug in room
ITInternet: PC/Terminal in foyer
ILInternet: LAN (Ethernet) in room
IWInternet: WLAN
KIchildren care
DBsteam bath
TRdrying room
OVwell reachable with public transport
FAbicycle rent
WEmechanic tools room
SMrooms for seminars
VEvegetarian meal
VGvegane meal
VZsugarfree food

Language codes have to be written as two-character ISO-codes in lowercase, e.g. de for german.

This explanatory page was last updated 2013/01/20.